Pick Five Students
23 Apr. 2012

Pick Five Students

    Pick 5 Students is the latest program at Santiago which provides assistance to students to help them improve their scores on the California STAR tests. In the Pick 5 Students program, every teacher and administrator at Santiago picks five students whose scores were only a few points away from going to the next level. The hope is that the students chosen will be mentored and guided to score higher on the tests.

  Since this is the first year that this will be attempted, it is a trial run. Both the teachers and the administration think that if the program is successful that it can grow to be even more of a mentoring program, one that could help students in more areas than just test scores. Students will be chosen from a compiled of students that are borderline to either drop a proficiency level or are very close to advancing a proficiency. That way teachers and administrators can help both keep students from lowering their scores but also help those students who just need a little bit more help to move up to the next proficiency level. The program offers one-on-one mentoring and tutoring opportunities to the students in the program to help them with those few questions that are keeping them from a higher proficiency level.

  The ultimate goal is to help the schools goal of reaching an 820 API. Last year the school earned a 799 and with the help of the Pick 5 Students teachers and administrators hope to help the school make that last push to the goal of 820. “ We told teachers to pick kids they will be testing and mentor them and help them out because many kids don’t know just how close they are,” said Mrs. Gonzalez, ASB Director.

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