13 Mar. 2012

Stylish Shark of the Week 3/12/12

 His style isn’t extravagant, nor is it minimalistic, but something that is distinguished and all his own. Danny’s group of friends also have their own individual style and he says that he gets a few of his ideas from them. The majority of the time, Danny slicks back his hair to add a nice, 60s-throwback flair to each outfit.

Shark Attack: What is your favorite winter accessory?

Danny Parr: My cords are probably my favorite accessory for winter, because they’re really warm, as well as stylish.

SA: Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?

DP: It’d most likely have to be Ryan Gosling. I think it’s the slacks, because we both wear them a lot.

SA: What stores do you shop at the most?

DP: I get a lot of my t-shirts at Macy’s, but for the rest of my clothes, like my pants, I like to go to H&M.


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